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TideQ Link Wireless Barcode Scanner

TideQ Link Wireless Barcode Scanner

TideQ Link Wireless Barcode Scanner Intro Portable ✖ Remotable ✖ Simple  Step 1:Buy TideQLink USB Barcode Receiver Step 2:Download TideQLink App  Step 3:Plug it into your devices (e.g. Mobile phone, tablet or computer) Step 4:Launch the app and follow the instrustion
More Information of TideQ Link
Barcode, Scanner, QR Code, 條碼掃描器, 無線條碼掃描器
Features | TideQ Link USB Barcode Receiver
•Barcode data receive from remote (around 10-15 meter in no obstacle) •Able to set upper letter or lower letter •Able to set barcode data of repeat times •Able to set a action after scan barcode (Space bar/ TAB / Enter) •Able to set the barcode length of limitation (MIN: 1 chars,MAX: 225 chars) •Able to set a reminder sound •Total of 13 barcode types user can set enable or disable when scan. •Restore default setting •Go to guide page  Notice: Barcode receive using ASCII. Please change your input method to EN while scan.
Purchase And Question | TideQ Link Barcode USB Receiver


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